Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is much more than investing; it considers all the pieces of your financial life, from budgeting and retirement planning, to saving for education and managing taxes.  Understanding how to bring all the pieces of your financial life together is a challenging task.

Why a Financial Planner?

A financial adviser is a professional who renders financial services to clients.  That broad definition would include a lot of individuals who deal with the money side of life—from lawyers to CPAs to insurance agents, not all of whom are qualified to provide an extensive range of long-term financial advice.  A Certified Financial Planner Certification (CFP®) is granted by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. and is your assurance that the certificate holder has completed the comprehensive course of study at a college or university with a curriculum approved by the CFP® Board and passed the required exams in the areas of the financial planning process, tax planning employee benefits and retirement planning, estate planning, investment management and insurance, and fulfill the required work experience in the financial planning process.  You may find a CFP® professional can provide assistance in:

  • Defining your personal financial goals
  • Analyzing your current financial status
  • Providing guidance or advice in various financial planning related topics
  • Helping you meet an immediate or unexpected financial need or plan for a future life event

The most important step toward financial security is organizing and understanding your financial situation

Why Regency?

At Regency, providing considered, fact based, insightful guidance to reach short and long term goals is what we do.  Regency has three CFP® professionals in our organization.  Regency’s financial planning is scalable to your needs.  We can provide occasional single topic analysis or delve into more than one area.  Regency offers financial planning services for an hourly fee.

As appropriate, Regency will introduce you to unaffiliated professionals, such as attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, etc, or coordinate with your existing professionals, to help you carry out the details of your overall plan.

The most important step toward financial security is organizing and understanding your financial situation.  Regency is here to help.

Types of Financial Planning services Regency provides:

  • Household Finances / Budgeting / Cash Flow
  • Insurances (general concepts)
  • College Planning
  • Employee Benefits
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning (general concepts)
  • Tax Planning (general concepts)
  • Outside Investment Review

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